GORGEOUS THREADS - Our story is really your story. 

 This is where our conversation and journey begin.

Being Gorgeous, with our superpowers.

This is your story ...not mine. Gorgeous threads


My name is Alexander J Rose, I live on the streets of Mount Eden, Kingsland and Morningside, Auckland, New Zealand, and I observe humans being Gorgeous every day.


Using poems, with stories. and one-off artworks, through T-Shirts and Hoodies as the canvas of everyday streetwear, to uncover and expose the real you.


A story about being Gorgeous, and not perfect.

It's a story about finding your true self, your true superpowers.

You see, in this world, in which we are all part of, we can become disconnected from ourselves and others.


We all have inner beauty, strength, kindness, and courage to name a few.

All on journeys unique to us, and sometimes we get lost on our path to our purpose. Life can become a struggle and sometimes you need is a wee bit of encouragement in our day, month, or year.

Words can inspire us, as can art, and images to make us believe in the power we have within, us all.


In this world, we have tools, to help us reach our happy place, In yoga, meditation, the gym, or just a walk on the beach. But as life becomes busy and busier, and time controls, our reality.

You take comfort to grab your favourite urban wear, your comfortable hoodie, where it protects you and releases your inner Gorgeousness.


Seeing through your masks.

Revealing the true powers, we all possess.

Using my favorite word... Gorgeous.


To uncover and expose the real meaning... to be a human being.

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